RV and Vehicle

RV and Boat Parking Currently Available

10X20-$140 • 10X25-$150 • 10X30-$160

Well Maintaned Storage Facilty in Wood Village, OR

Spacious RV Parking and Vehicle Storage

It doesn’t take long for even a 3-car garage to crowd out your recreational vehicles. You could park your RV or camper at the edge of the driveway, but then it’s exposed, and you lose a big chunk of your basketball court. Fortunately, your solution is close by – Wood Village Stow-A-Way.

We have the best prices in the area, but your exact rate will depend on how much you park.

Call now for a current price quote.

Our staff is on hand and standing by to assist you 4 days a week.
Wednesday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

Need a recommendation for how much space you should rent? Just ask our knowledgeable staff.

Keep Your RV Safe and Secure in Our Facility

Wood Village Stow-A-Way features a secure gated entrance. Anyone who wishes to access the facility must first enter a PIN code.

You paid a great deal for your beautiful RV, so don’t put it in harm’s way by parking it just anywhere. We can keep the bad guys away.

Uncrowded Vehicle Storage

Don’t have room in the garage for all your big toys? We have plenty of space to store them.

Recreational Vehicles